E.M.I.L.Y Biometric Recognition System


Access Control

  • Continue to use the existing hardware equipment.
  • Mutipoint access design.
  • Non-touch design, without the trouble of forgetting to take the door card.
  • Face recognition will be the safest and the most convenient password.

Business Analysis

  • Provide the information and analysis of gender and age distribution.
  • Review the website in the cloud to control the whole situation all the time.
  • Input POS information to thoroughly grasp the business conditions.
  • The indispensable assistant for shop management and showrooms.

Smart Advertising Broadcast

  • Management and scheduling of basic commercial films.
  • Precise marketing, switch the films acordding to different customers.
  • Effects analysis, thoroughly grasp the types of audience and customers.

Multifactor Identification

  • Integration of the fingerprint and Bluetooth Beacon devices.
  • Two-factor identification, faster and safer.
  • Two-step verification.

Intimate Secretary

  • Document management and identification of liaisons.
  • Quickly and automatically recognize frequent customers.
  • Without missing important guests or returning customers.

Cross-platform integration & support

  • Ten years of development experience, across PC and intelligent device platform.
  • Interface integration and development of third-party software.
  • Rich in practical experience of giant databases



Establishment of Showu Tech

Mainly undertook the projects of system development of various government departments.



Excellent Manufacturer Award by Institution for Information Industry; A Certificate of Appreciation by Yilan County Government; A Certificate of Appreciation by Care Cardiac Children's Association(C.C.C.A)


Start to undertake private enterprise projects

Thanks to the establishment of online teaching platform.
---Kojen English Centers


Launch the self-made products

The first set of digital solutions - "EMILY"
Accumulated ten years of experience, the new product integrates"Face Recognition", "Bluetooth Beacon", "Business Analysis", "RFID" and "RWD" technologies.


Lauch a self-made products again

In 2018,we launch a new product again, It's for Monitoring number of persons accommodated in specific places. You can find it out in IKEA Xindian and MITSUI OUTLET PARK in Taichung.

Core Technologies


Professional technologies

Microsoft solutions, Intelligent device integration, Heterogeneous system integration, Object-oriented design, Web design.


Web design, program design, Maintenance of web pages and e-commerce platforms, Website design, Integration and maintenance of system software, Development of customized projects


Competence certification

PMP, ISO27001, ITIL Foundation, MCTS, Oracle Network Security of Packet Analysis, etc.

Biometric integration

We provide a comprehensive solution of biometric recognition, including face recognition, gender and age identification, face detection, as well as fingerprint identification module.

System integration of third-party manufactures

A unified solution with the integration of attendance, access control, e-commerce application, registration system, scheduling system, etc.

Cross-platform development capability

All team members possess the development capabilities of Windows, Android, iOS, and Web applications, to provide the most complete technical services and supports for you in the Internet era of things.

Growth & Future

Horizontal Alliances
System integration Service  Development of own brand


Customer service

Ours Customers

The number of customers- 88
The number of projects- 500

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